Next to every successful woman, a man believing in her

We all have our heroes,
no one gets there alone.
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In recent years, Saudi Arabia has been taking massive steps to further the progression and recognition of women role in the society, opening doors for their future and creating opportunities to minimize the gap between men and women role in all sectors to achieve a balanced society.
What is "Hero Next To Hero"?
Hero Next to Hero is a women empowerment message highlighting the importance of mutual support between Saudi men and women and its influence in creating a positive impact in the Saudi community to further the future progress towards a balanced, wholesome and sustainable society.
What is heroism?
Heroism is not limited or framed in specific actions; it is not in climbing a mountain or jumping off a cliff; it is in the littlest and biggest detail that lead to achieving your goals no matter how big or small they are.

And because we believe in balance, and trust in change,
and support each other, and respect one another,
because we value our culture, while building a future,
we are heroes.
Get involved
The story of women empowerment is a universal story, the story of Saudi women is no different. No matter where you are in the word your support matters, let your support be heard.
Be an ambassador
Download the campaign’s Hero kit. Use the images on your social media account. Print and stick them on your phone, car, laptop..
Make a promise
I promise to believe in myself and in the female members of my family. I promise myself to be their Hero.